Monday, February 23, 2015

Quick Lunch at Dan's Restaurant & Tap House

Wade and I went to visit my Grandmother over the weekend in Boonsboro, MD. Right next door is {Dan's Restaurant and Tap House},  so naturally we tend to stop in for some brews and grub whenever we are in the area.  

We sat in the bar area and started off with a White Russian Cream Ale from Jailbreak Brewing Company- we instantly loved.  For our meals, I ordered a Tap House Chicken Sandwich which consisted up grilled chicken, bourbon bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato w/ pesto aioli & gouda. I decided to relive my childhood and order tater tots instead of fries. The sandwich was fresh and I could not get enough of that bourbon bacon!

Now onto Wade's dish: The Rise & Shine Burger which incorporated a local sausage and beef blend, fried egg,  bourbon bacon, sharp cheddar & maple syrup.  Dan's Tap House, We applaud you. Between massive bites, Wade managed to mumble that this was the best burger he has ever had. Repeatedly i might add! I managed to get a bite and I have to agree. This thing is amazing folks!

Midway through the meal we opted for another beverage; I, the Lagunita's Cappuccino Stout and Wade, the Frey's Pussy Pilot Parade. The thing I love about Tap Houses is discovering new beers!

Thanks for the great service, food and atmosphere Dan's! 

I wrote a post about a visit to Dan's Tap House about a year ago, {here} if you want to scope out some other amazing meal choices. I for one can't wait to go back and try the Blackened Ahi Sandwich!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Roasthouse Pub Valentine's Brunch joined by Flying Dog Brewery & ThePerfect Truffle

When the Hubs and I saw that one of our favorite spots, {Roasthouse Pub}, was having a late Valentine's Day brunch pairing featuring Flying Dog Brewery and the Perfect Truffle we were all over it. 

We were able to grab a cozy booth and perused the offerings. Each entree came with a flight of {Flying Dog Brewery's} Horn Dog and there new brewhouse rarity, Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout as well a truffle chocolate from {The Perfect Truffle}.  Wade and I were lucky enough to have had a preview of the Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout on our Flying Dog Brewery tour a few weeks ago {post to come} and couldn't wait to have it again!

As usual we were indecisive on what to order. I ended up ordering the Sisquito Breakfast Burrito; tortilla lined with potato, apple & cheddar hash cake, wrapped with Mexican stout confit of breakfast sausage and scrambled eggs.  Wade ordered the Roasthouse Pub Fritata; Mexican stout sausage confit, sweet peppers, onions and topped with coriander cheddar grits and monetary jack cheese. 

We exchanged bites and both were delectable and exactly what I was needing on such a cold Sunday. Flying Dog came around and gave us some awesome FD swag to add to our collection and handed us our paired chocolates. I had the dark chocolate truffle, Wade the smoked sea salt. Of course we shared those too!

Thanks for the delicious food and relaxing atmosphere Roasthouse Pub! We shall return!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Vintage Eats in New Market

{Vintage} in Historic New Market, MD opened up this past Fall and I had been anxiously anticipating a visit. This past weekend the hubs and I made it a priority to make it there for some brunch.  I had seen photos online of the cute shabby chic mixed with industrial decor but I was blown away at how amazing this place looked. The restaurant was huge and perfectly sectioned off into areas for various types of entertaining. {private rooms, lounge areas and of course an impressive bar} Above all else I was infatuated with all the beautiful fireplaces around the restaurant.

We ordered two coffees off the bat and were greeted with a french press coffee maker. Fancy! The coffee was high quality and delicious. Wade and I pondered the menu for what seemed like an eternity trying to decide what one amazing thing to get. It was hard people! So many awesome things to choose from- the S'more French Toast sounded great and had me drooling. But in the end I ordered an open faced egg BLT.  {poached egg, spinach, tomato, bacon and hollandaise all on a homemade delectable biscuit.}  I also ordered a brunch staple- Mimosa and it didn't disappoint. My sandwich was out of this world and the perfect amount of savory I was craving. Wade ordered the smoked salmon sandwich {salmon, spinach, tomato, shallot vinaigrette, sweet mustard on multigrain bread} After some begging I was allowed a bite and it was delicious. We both agreed on how fresh all the ingredients were- especially the bread!

After we scarfed down our meal, I had to check out the rest of the restaurant.  Luckily some people had cleared out so I was not too embarrassed walking around snapping some photos. Vintage- will you come decorate my house?

I had such a wonderful experience at Vintage and cannot wait to visit again! I am sure it goes without saying but I highly recommend giving this place a try! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Wedding Chronicles: Ceremony Pics!

Trinity Lutheran Church in Hagerstown, MD holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it the place where Wade and I tied the knot; but my Family have been attendees of the Church for a long time. To start, my Grandfather, {along with his 3 brothers and parents} attended Trinity his whole life. I image him  running the Church's huge hallways and getting into all sorts of mischief. 
Once my Grandfather married my Grandmother and they had my Aunt and Mother, Trinity gained a few new members. 
My Mother and Father were married at Trinity and later on I was baptized there.  
Here are some shots of our ceremony at the beautiful Trinity Lutheran Church. All photos are by {Anna Kerns Photography} Hope you enjoy!

Since our Photographer has been with us girls all morning; Anna took some shots of Wade in his spiffy suit. I just love these.  I had given Wade an antique fishing rod tie clip and bass cuff links as his engagement present and I think it looked great with his outfit.
{Chalkboard by Lisa Carr}
Ashley went outside to deliver my present to Wade and grab mine from him. I was able to snag a Flying Dog bar sign for Wade. Wade loves Flying Dog beer so it was the perfect gift. Months after I had bought the sign and stored it at my parents' house; Wade and I were in a liquor store and Wade said how much he loved the Flying Dog sign. It took everything in me not to spill the beans that I had bought him one!
Wade gave me a gold monogrammed necklace with my new initials. It was perfect.

{Sign painted by Lisa Carr}
{Ceremony programs made by Wade & I- We burnt each individual end to look like an old map}
{Vintage hankies for the Ladies}

Before the ceremony, Wade and I did a first touch. We are pretty traditional and didn't want Wade to see me before the ceremony; however we wanted to be with each other. Wade was blindfolded outside with his favorite bandana (American Flag pattern) and I was able to come outside for a few and be with him. It was nice being able to talk and calm our nerves before the festivities began.
 Now it was time for the ceremony to start. I remember being excited and anxious all at once. I kept worrying if I would trip, stutter, throw up, etc.  Cha Cha (our dog) was the flower girl. We dressed her up in a mint tutu and she was lead down the aisle by my Aunt Cindy.
My Daddy lead me down the aisle and gave me away which was enough to make me bawl. 
We had my cousin/Godfather - Bunny and Wade's Aunt Dot do some readings (Colossians 3 12-17 and 1 Corinthians 13). Pastor Greg preached a great sermon and before we knew it we were married!
{Just Married decal made by Diane!}
 {Just Married Tin Cans- Made my Moi!}
Off we went to the Mathwig Estate Barn for our Reception. Pastor Greg gave an amazing service and it was everything Wade and I imagined. We had a 30 minute drive to the reception. It was great to have some time alone and to reflect on the day thus far.